Do you always have to buy a bundle or can you get a Broadband only deal?

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to get a broadband-only connection but you’re still wondering if that is such a good idea. Well, you are not alone. But unfortunately, most internet providers will only offer bundles along with landline as the connection usually uses the landline connection to deliver the internet anyway. Very few broadband providers offer broadband-only deals. For a detailed overview, check out broadband only deals.

Since most broadbands will use the same physical phone line to work, it may not be a bad idea to consider a bundle as it saves you both in terms of time as well as costs. However, with the passage of time, mobile use is more and more prevalent and landlines are quickly becoming a thing of the past, people are increasingly converting to broadband-only connections.

The most popular alternative is, instead of getting conventional DSL broadband, you can opt for cable broadband. Virgin Media are, of course, the biggest supplier of cable broadband and Relish is also a popular, albeit smaller supplier. All you will need in this case would be to live in an area with cable connections, which in the case of Virgin Media, will be half the country. Over 50% of the UK has cable connections from Virgin Media making it quite easier to get broadband-only deals.

However, the majority of providers would make you pay for their line rental leaving only a few, which allows you to get your line rental separately. If you are only doing this to save costs, then you may want to calculate and take into account, if in the case of getting a landline separately would take your broadband only costs higher.

Have you considered Mobile Broadband?

With the passage of time, the internet that we get on our phones has also advanced to reasonable speeds, making it possible for us to do pretty much everything we do online, from our laptops and other devices.

But if you have used 4G speeds, you will testify that it works like a charm even when streaming HD music and videos as well as online gaming. We are not saying that it can completely alternate your broadband connection, but it is no secret that over the past year alone, mobile internet speeds have dramatically improved giving us a better experience so the case can be made that it can prove to be a viable alternative to home broadband connections.

Two major drawbacks of this you might want to consider as of now, are the coverage areas as well as the limitations imposed on mobile internet packages in terms of downloads and uploads. If you’re in a bad coverage area, speeds can drop to 3G levels and that is undesirable especially if you are trying to use it instead of your home broadband.


In the end, we would like to conclude that if you are going for a broadband-only deal, you should consider all possibilities and if it is to save money, then do your due diligence as in most cases, bundling will save you money.

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