Does Better Hardware Improve User Experience at the Best Online Casino Sites?

Regardless of what platform of gaming you enjoy, certain elements have to align to ensure that the user experience is at its highest level. When playing video games, smaller app games, or online casino games, if your hardware struggles to run whatever title you’ve chosen, the whole game can seem cumbersome or just terrible overall. So, you need to make sure that your computer is up to scratch so it can handle the demands of the best gaming websites to guarantee a top-level user experience.

Now, there are two main routes that you can take to go about improving your computer for gaming. The first is a somewhat invasive and possibly expensive route: getting better hardware. The second is a preferred route, but if it doesn’t amount to improvements, it can be a waste of time and result in you needing to buy new hardware anyway. So, let’s dig in and see if better hardware really does improve the user experience at the best online casino websites.

Getting better hardware

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The first thing that you need to do is identify what isn’t running well when you’re trying to game as each computer will have a different problem, as explained by this site. Then, once you have your prognosis, you can investigate getting new pieces of hardware for your computer to upgrade its specs and hopefully enhance your user experience while gaming. If you don’t fancy buying a whole new computer, you could start by upgrading your RAM. It’ll likely be the cheapest hardware upgrade, and for many computers, it won’t improve your gaming. But if you’re still sitting on 2GB RAM, you should consider flicking up to at least 4GB. Equally, if your computer uses programs that are very RAM-heavy, like virtual machines, increasing your RAM can help speed up your gaming, with many gamers considering 16GB as a lower limit for running the most intensive AAA titles.

Many say that upgrading to a solid-state drive (SSD) is a quick and trusted way to give your computer a general speed boost, including load times. But if you’re an avid online casino gamer, an SSD won’t make your casino’s website load any quicker. If you download the online casino software and play from an app on your computer, an SSD may be able to help it load quicker than if you were to play via a web browser. Outside of casino gaming, however, an SSD can greatly boost the load speeds of more demanding titles. Even if you choose not to game at all, users will greatly appreciate the near-instantaneous boot speed that an SSD can provide.

In the end, the best way to upgrade the user experience while gaming through new hardware is to upgrade your graphics card. If you have quite an old computer or an old/integrated card, upgrading to a model strong enough to handle online casino games likely won’t cost very much and can be a very simple switch. Whenever games are lagging with gamers, and it’s not the fault of their internet connection, the video card will be one of the bits of hardware that they look to upgrade. However, those gamers are most likely playing more demanding games, and while the best online casino boast as many as thousands of games, most of them aren’t overly demanding.

Try to scrub your computer

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The very best online casinos feature hundreds of games, even thousands, ranging from relatively light and easy-to-run slot games to the more demanding live casino titles. You can get an overview on this site of the sheer amount that the best online casino sites in the UK have going on, such as Casumo’s newly expanded live casino and the range of top-notch games at LeoVegas. While these games can appear to be quite heavy or demanding on your computer, the chances are that you’ll have a modern-enough computer to handle the load easily. However, your computer could be bogged down by other processes and programs using up your CPU and RAM resources.

The hardware requirements of even the very best online casino games are very low compared with mainstream video games, so the best place to start is on your startup. You can see by the explanations on this site that one of the quickest and easiest ways of speeding up your computer is through stopping background programs. A lot of programs will automatically load at startup even though you don’t want them to, so, go into System Configuration (via the Windows key + R, enter ‘msconfig’, and then select ‘Ok’) to stop programs in the ‘Services’ that you don’t need. You’ll want the Microsoft services to keep running, but most third-party programs could be disabled. In a similar vein to this, you can venture into your Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete, then select ‘Task Manager’) and close down all of the programs that you don’t need running.

The final check that you should make before turning to new bits of hardware – if you have a fairly modern bit of kit – is your internet speed. Online casino games have been designed to be played by as many people as possible so, compared to other forms of online applications and games, they place very little demand on your internet speed. That said, if your internet speed is particularly slow, the big and bulky websites can become slow when loading, harming your user experience. So, if you can upgrade your internet package, it may be worth considering.

Unless you have a particularly old or outdated computer, the chances are that you can do some simple scrubbing of behind-the-scenes programs to give your CPU and RAM more space to fuel your online casino gaming. If your computer is particularly packed with software that you can’t afford to remove, however, installing some upgrades could also enhance your user experience if things are running a bit slow.

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