Drop Unveils New CSTM80 Line of Customizable Mechanical Keyboards

Drop, the leading community-driven e-commerce brand, today unveiled the CSTM80, its inaugural keyboard in its CSTM series of highly customizable mechanical keyboards. On the heels of launching its Battlestations shopping experience earlier this year, Drop continues to push the boundaries of personal expression for its enthusiast community with design-forward innovations.

Drop CSTM80

The CSTM80 is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard featuring a magnetic top case that users can switch out and pair with a matching cable and keycaps to reflect their personal style and preferences. At launch, users can choose from several different color cases, as well as two designed cases, to match their preferred aesthetic. Unlike other “customizable” keyboards on the market that only allow the top cover to be swapped out, the magnetic case on the CSTM80 encapsulates nearly the entire keyboard, allowing for greater customization among users and expanding the canvas for designers to craft more intricate designs.

Drop CSTM80

“As we continue to explore new horizons in personal expression, we were inspired to expand how our enthusiast community can further personalize their keyboards beyond just keycap modifications,” said Jef Holove, CEO, Drop. “With our innovative CSTM series, we are redefining keyboard customization, allowing users to tailor their keyboards to meet both their design preferences and performance expectations. We’re excited to expand our CSTM product range and look forward to introducing new innovations in the future.”

Drop CSTM80

Offering new levels of technical customization, the fully-built CSTM80 also boasts several enthusiast-level features including a gasket-mounted design, custom ABS keycaps with shine-through side legends optimized for south-facing switches, PCBA mounted stabilizers, 5-pin switch support, vibrant LED lighting, and a customizable weight with four switch plate options to choose from. Additionally, the keyboard features several layers of premium foam throughout for superior sound and a more satisfying typing experience. Users can also select from two switch options—Gateron Brown Pro 3.0 or Gateron Yellow KS3—to further personalize the keyboard for their desired typing experience.

Drop CSTM80

CSTM80 Keyboard Features

  • Gasket-mounted design with tenkeyless layout featuring a magnetically attached customizable case
  • Per key RGB LEDs, custom ABS south-facing keycaps, PCBA mounted stabilizers, and 5-pin switch support (fully assembled keyboards come with a set of MacOS keys for Apple users)
  • Polycarbonate color cases: white, black, Laser Purple, Skiidata orange, and Jasmine Green
  • Aluminum cases: anodized silver and black
  • Custom weight options: stainless steel with black PVD coating, stainless steel with chromatic PVD coating, and brass with clear coating
  • Switch Plates: Brass, Fr4, Carbon Fiber, and POM (available for purchase separately)
  • Supports Drop’s keyboard configurator, QMK, and VIA (VIAL support later this year)

The CSTM80 is now available on the Drop website in both barebones ($99) and fully assembled configurations featuring the keyboard, keycaps, switches, stabilizers, and black polycarbonate case ($149). Customers can also purchase polycarbonate color cases separately in white, black, Laser Purple, Skiidata orange, and Jasmine Green ($25 each), as well as an upgraded forged aluminum case in anodized silver or black ($59 each). Drop is also debuting two artwork cases designed by OSHETART and Chasing Artworks for $39 each, with more designed cases and collaborations to come.

Drop CSTM80 keyboardDrop will continue to expand its CSTM line of products and will debut additional keyboard sizes to the platform in the coming months.

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