Dual GPU GeForce GTX Graphics Card Coming?

It has been reported that NVIDIA is working on a new dual-GPU GeForce GTX graphics card, much like the Titan Z. Apparently this card is going to come out sooner than you may think. This card will of course be based off two GM200 class GPUs, which are the same GPUs that NVIDIA uses to power their GeForce GTX Titan X and GTX 980 Ti graphics cards.


According to WCCFTech NVIDIA held a secret meeting last week that was held in New York City. In this meeting the card was introduced to select members of the press. It was the first time that the card was shown to press members. Since then review samples of the card are in circulation and testing of the card has commenced. So when we say the card is coming out soon, it looks like it could be right around the corner. I guess time will only tell with this one.

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