ECS Launches L337 GANK DRONE Gaming Motherboard

The first motherboard in the GANK Drone Series has been launched by ECS and has been tagged as the L337 (Leet) Z87H3-A3X. The first to appear in its series, the L337 (Leet) Z87H3-A3X comes along with amazing gaming features and is the best entry level gaming motherboard which will deliver value in the most unique form to all the gaming enthusiasts. Powered by the Intel Z87 Express Chipset, the Z87H3-A3X GANK Drone Series motherboard can support the fastest of all processors which will also include the latest Intel 4th generation Core i7, i5 and i3 processors to name a few.

ECS L337 GANK DRONE Gaming Motherboard

The newest motherboard by ECS will have the benefit of belonging to the L337 family of gaming motherboards which are best known for their user friendliness and easy and smooth usage. The only aim of the motherboard is to provide an enjoyable experience for all gamers without any possibility of hindrances. Some of the gaming features on the standard level include the 4 Dual-Channel DDR3 memory which has been over clocked at 1600 MHz and doubles up to 3000+MHz with the help of the BIOS adjustable clock rates.

ECS L337 GANK DRONE Gaming Motherboard

The motherboard also features the 2-Way NVIDIA SLI or 2-Way AMD CrossFireX GPU scaling which allows the doubling of the graphics power and results in amazing visual outputs. This is through the PCIe Gen3 X 16 Slots which generate a bandwidth of 32 GB/s at 8 GHz. Moreover, the DirectX 11.1 compatibility is offered through the on-board integrated graphics and this provides support for the latest compute shaders, direct 2D, multithreaded rendering and tessellation which all result in higher quality of graphics. The motherboard is also going to deliver an exceptional over clocking experience with the Ice Chokes and all Golden Solid Capacitors which have been combined with EZ BIOS UEFI and M.I.B. X Motherboard Intelligence functions. With the Golden Solid Capacitors, the motherboard ensures a 6x longer lifespan with 20K hours at 65°C and much better endurance for temperature variations. L337 shows its commitment to gaming with its sponsoring of the Complexity Gaming, 2013 MLG summer champions.

Some detailed features of the motherboard have been listed below:

• L337 heatsink design
• M.I.B X over clocking software tool
• 8-Channel HD Audio with Sound Blaster Cinema software
• Intel I217-V Gigabit LAN (optimized exclusively for gamers)

Source: ECS | News Archive