EK-HD Tubes And Adapters Released

One of the finest water cooling gear manufacturer, EK Water Blocks, is very excited to reveal the latest EK-HD Tube and EK-HD Adapter series products. The usage of solid acrylic tubes in PC water cooling systems is well accepted by the designers. EKWB has replied very well to the requirements of users and therefore has high hopes of success with launching its new products.

EK-HD Adapter has a solid-tube fitting, aiming to be utilized with solid tubing e.g. Acrylic, Copper or Stainless Steel tube. The usage can be enhanced if its combined with EK-HD Tube for connecting various Full Cover water blocks as an substitute way of using EK-FC Terminal system.


The product is plated with nickel machined brass with quality O-rings. These adapters have both male as well as female G1/4” BSP threaded variant and has the compatibility with EK-CSQ series (45°/ 90°) angled adapters. The G1/4” BSP male thread is 4.5mm in length. The fitting’s outer diameter has 18.70mm (10/12mm type) or 21.7mm (12/16mm type). The tube’s height is 11mm and has a Nickel, Black Nickel or Black paint finish is compliant with ROHS.

EK-HD Tube is accompanied with multiple VGA water blocks connectivity set which consist of pre-cut Acrylic tubes. In combination with EK HD Adapter fittings sit can be utilized as an alternative solution for linking multiple full cover GPU water blocks (SLI/ CrossFireX). They are available in two different dimensions, 10/12mm and 12/16mm (ID/OD) and pre-cut to perfect size to operate with new EK-FC water blocks employing EK-FC Terminal (e.g. EK-FC7990 SE, EK-FC Titan SE, EK-FC770 GTX, etc).


To ensure maximum motherboard compatibility, all these sets of different diameters are available in various lengths (2-Slot: 20.7mm; 3-Slot: 41.0mm; 4-Slot: 61.3mm). The type of motherboard used and the placement of PCI-Express expansion slots determine the utilization of EK-HD Tube 2-, 3-, 4-Slot set to join two or more graphics card water blocks into a visually amazing and durable unit.


EK-HD Adapters and Tubes series products are manufactured in Slovenia and can be purchased through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network

Source: EKWB | News Archive