EK introduces EK-RAM Dominator Module

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear provider, is proud to present the EK-RAM Dominator Module, a heatsink adapter which allows virtually any (DDR-)SDRAM memory module (of any generation) to be water cooled in conjunction with EK-RAM Dominator series water blocks.

Each heatsink consists of two separate plates while the DIMM memory module is sandwitched in between. Heat transfer between the memory module and aluminium heatsink adapter is ensured by the use of enclosed thermal pad. Between the EK-RAM Dominator Module Adapter and EK-RAM Dominator series water block we recommend the use of electrically non-conductive thermal grease, i.e. Gelid GC-Extreme.

EK RAM Dominator Module Adapter Black 1 600

This product is ready to be used only with double-sided (single or dual ranked as per JEDEC) DIMM memory modules. In case single-sided DIMM module is used one needs to use 1.5mm thick thermal pad where no memory chips are used (not enclosed). Factory installed heatsink must be removed from each memory module prior to installation (if present).

This set contains two (2) EK-RAM Dominator Module Adapter heatsinks. Each of these items are made of CNC machined high quality aluminium and feature black anodized finish.

– EK-RAM Dominator Module Adapter (2 pcs)
– thermal pads
– mounting screws
– allen key 2mm

Made in Slovenia – Europe!

– Intended for use with double-sided (single or dual ranked as per JEDEC) DIMM memory modules
– Factory installed heatsink must be removed from each memory module prior to installation (if present)
– Thermal grease is not included

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Source: EKWB | News Archive