EK Releases EK-RES X3 Series Tube Reservoirs

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium performance PC water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to present the latest revision of EK-RES X3 series reservoirs. There are four different versions avaiable: EK-RES X3 110, -150, -250 and -400.

The EK-RES X3 reservoir from EK CSQ design line is an improved version of renown EK-Multioption RES X2 reservoirs released three years ago. Compared to EK-Multioption RES X2 product line the EK-RES X3 reservoirs featire improved inlet/outlet port configuration for easier and more straightforward fitting configuration and tube routing. Improvements have been made on the reservoir’s bottom terminal which has been optimized for best flow. Vortex ouccurance has also been diminished by the use of enclosed anti-cyclone as well as additional PE foam.

EK-RES X3 Series

All these new features result in easier-than-ever mounting, filling and quickest bleeding of air.

Reservoir is manufactured of premium quality 60mm acrylic tube and POM Acetal end caps. The sealing is performed by quality EPDM rubber washers.

New EK-RES X3 series reservoir comes with a pair of EK design reservoir holders using adjustable fastening force controlled by enclosed Allen key.

Technical data:
– Installation height: from 110- to 400mm (depending on the model)
– Diameter: 60mm
– Capacity: from ~150- to ~820mL (depending on the model)
– Weight (netto): from ~225g to 525g (depending on the model)

Enclosed within delivery:
– EK-RES X3 series reservoir
– Pair of EK reservoir holders with mounting screws
– 3 × G1/4 extenders
– 3 × G1/4 Plugs
– 1 × 6mm Allen key for plugs
– 1 × 2,5mm allen key for reservoir holders
– 1 × polyether anti-cyclon foam

Made in Slovenia – EU!

The EK-RES X3 series reservoirs are readily available for purchase through EK Webshop and our Partner Reseller Network. More add-ons (such as multi-port top end caps) will be available for purchase in the upcoming month.

Source: EKWB | News Archive

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