EKWB Announces Radeon Pro Duo Waterblock

It looks like EKWB is ready for the Radeon Pro Duo launch as they have announced their Radeon Pro Duo waterblock. This is a full-coverage water block made specifically for AMD’s dual-GPU monster. EKWB teased the block in its clear-arcylic top with nickel-plasted copper based variant.

EKWB Radeon Pro Duo Waterblock

The block has a common coolant channel which passes through both VRM areas, the PCIe bridge chip, and large micro-fin lattices over both GPUs. It is likely that EKWB will offer the card in different variants with opaque acetal tops, exposed copper base, and combinations with clear-acrylic and nickel-plated copper bases.

The biggest question will be is this cooler really needed? We will have to see how the cooling solution on the Radeon Pro Duo performs first.

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