Elevator Shoes: A Rise Up in Fashion

What most people think of when they hear “elevator shoes” are the funky high-rising platform shoes of the 70s. The exaggerated swagger of the old street kings and fashion victims in the bellbottom era has had an impact on a lot of different styles that can’t escape its gravity. Tie-dye patterns, perms, thick mustaches – if you get caught wearing this stuff, people will think you’re evoking some sort of disco statement.

Now, Elevator Shoes are very different. Born from the same concept – a concept that existed well before then – the functional purpose of elevator shoes has been adjusted away from overt, eye-catching spectacle to a more subtle presence altering sleekness. They are a shoe that comes with many benefits, some of which may be unexpected or just unthought-of of.

Height Adjustment

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first: guidomaggi elevator shoes can make you seem a little taller. Depending on the lift, you can stand upwards of two inches higher than when normally bare foot or in simpler shoes. And why is this important? Height is one of the first defining physical features someone will notice about you.

It’s scientifically agreed upon that height has a definitive factor in how people perceive you. Tall people are often more respected in an otherwise equal field than shorter people. That height difference is usually relative. Someone already tall will not listen as intently to someone who is much shorter than them, but as the gap is filled their interest can be maintained. It’s a very basic principle, a bit shallow, but it works.

Posture Adjustment

Check your stance right now. Your shoulders should be up and back, chest out, back straight, chin up and head tilted back a little. You good? Are you sure? Posture is something we don’t always notice. No one wants to sit in front of a mirror to make sure they aren’t slouching all day every day. When your mind is on other things, like walking or running, the passive habits like posture will fall back to whatever is comfortable, not what it should be.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

Elevator shoes can help correct posture when standing. They provide support to different parts of the foot than normal flat shoes do. They can also help train better posture when standing or walking by forcing you to adjust your gait to hit the ground at a suitable rhythm. Posture can make an average man look a little more above. It elicits sensations of confidence, assurance, and positivity.

Healing Power

If you suffer from persistent pain in the back, the legs, the hips and even the waist, it may be the way you’re sitting. But standing isn’t much better, is it? There’s nothing to lean back on and catch your extra weight when you stand. It’s all on your legs and the rest of your body to stay balanced. That can put strain, and cause damage, to delicate parts of your skeleton and ligaments.

Elevator shoes can take a little of that pain away, these ties in with good posture. Good posture isn’t painful, but adjusting back into it can be. With a properly padded shoe, you can get some extra support under your feet no matter where you go. These supports can be made of memory foam, specially made rubber or other materials that are made to help capture some of the weight through your legs before it reaches the hard ground.

Fixing Symmetry

They say that nature loves symmetry. It’s hard to find any animal or creature that isn’t symmetrical. We all have a middle line that bisects us, and either side of that line should be the same. But they aren’t. Almost no one is perfectly symmetrical, and nothing in nature. Even if it’s just the way your hair parts, a perfect mirror split isn’t possible in reality. And unfortunately, that can extend to your limbs.

Asymmetrical legs can cause a lifetime worth of problems, and they aren’t always what people are born with. Accidents can cause one leg to heal and grow more than the other. Even just fractions of an inch can cause your gait to be wonky, make your shoulders slope to the side to compensate for standing at an angle all the time. Elevator shoes can match that same asymmetry; giving you more lift to one shoe than the other, and let you stand on equal ground at last.

Ease of Use

Elevator shoes can help solve a lot of problems. They’re one part of a larger system, but it is a system designed to make people feel better about themselves, and better physically from their usual pains. So obviously, for all this work, a good pair of guidomaggi.it elevator shoes should be expensive, right?

The only expensive elevator shoes are the ones with little fishbowls in the soles. Elevator shoes are easily manufactured and are cost efficient for everyone. They can even be prescribed and subsidized with medical insurance for very acute cases. They aren’t just for rich men making an impression or people with chronic pain from bad posture. They’re common shoes available everywhere, with more benefits than default flats or outmoded sports shoes.

Rising Up Everywhere

Even athletes have considered the benefits of elevator shoes. Professional athletes have some of the most overworked joints and bodies in the world, even seasonal athletes have to push themselves up to and beyond the limit of what’s safe in order for that 1% increase in their performance. Elevator shoes give them comfort, and specially made varieties can even improve their form and train them to use their body better.

Substance And Style

Elevator shoes are useful, but that’s not the only reason people buy them. Shoes are a statement, the foundation of fashion. They’re either the first or last place someone will look when they fully see you. Elevator shoes are just as fashionable as any other, so you can have it both, shoes that are worth talking about, and worth walking in.