EMTEC SSD Power Plus 120GB Solid State Drive Review

Solid state drives keep on going doing in price and it seems more and more companies are jumping in on the inexpensive SSD market. It seems we have come to that point where many consumers are choosing a solid state drive over a typical mechanical hard drive, at least for their OS drive. Today we will be taking a look at a solid state drive from an new company to the SSD market called EMTEC. Their SSD Power Plus drive is on the test bench today and while they offer capacities up to 480GB we are taking a look at the 120GB version (model: ECSSD120GX150). This drive features sequential read and write speeds of 550 MB/s and 160 MB/s respectively. Let’s see what this drive can do!

Special thanks to EMTEC for providing us with the SSD Power Plus 120GB solid state drive to review.

– Boost your notebook and desktop PC
– Fast system boot and shut down
– Fast applications load and response times
– Reliable, shock resistant
– Low power management
– Transfer rates: read up to 550 MB/s, write up to 530 MB/s
– Random 4KB: read up to 91000 IOPS, write up to 86000 IOPS
– Available in 120, 240, 480GB

The SSD Power Plus comes in a nice retail package. On the front it says, “Upgrade your HDD…to SSD”, which is really what this drive is designed to do. There is also a full listing of speeds on the front. One thing I do appreciate is the honesty of EMTEC, the 120GB version has the slowest read speeds and on the packaging they actually list it, not the speed of the high capacity drives. We have seen other companies do this actually, so hats off to EMTEC.

EMTEC SSD Power Plus 120GB Solid State Drive

On the back of the package it shows a photo of the drive and the adapter that comes with the drive and gives you the specs for all three different capacity drives.

EMTEC SSD Power Plus 120GB Solid State Drive

Getting everything out of the box we have the SSD Power Plus SSD and a 7mm to 9.5mm adapter.

EMTEC SSD Power Plus 120GB Solid State Drive

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