eSports: The Rise of the Machine

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The rise of the eSports scene has been directly correlated with the rise of purchases of PC hardware. Now a billion dollar industry, it is no longer possible for any financial analyst that takes themselves seriously to ignore the growth and impact this industry is having on the economy.

It seems that the rise of eSports and PC hardware go together as classically as peanut butter and jelly, and you don’t even need a glass of milk to wash this perfect pair down. Gaming is an industry that doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon, and with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as well, high performance PC hardware has never been in bigger demand.

To the Arena

If you need hard evidence as to the powerful growth of the eSports scene, an entirely eSports dedicated arena is coming to the Las Vegas strip. That is right, not only is gaming and PC hardware getting a big boost from this industry, it seems that the gambling industry is also ready to capitalize on the throngs of enthusiastic fans that are willing to throw their money at anything eSports related.

While many thought that the eSports phenomenon was just a trend that would fizzle out quickly, billions of dollars in revenue and an ever-growing fan base would say otherwise. It may seem strange that thousands of people are willing to shell out big bucks to go to a stadium and watch a screen of someone playing a video game that they could have just as easily watched or played themselves at home, but competitive eSports is one of the fastest growing professional leagues out there.

Having the Right Hardware

Anybody who is anybody in eSports knows that if you want to be competitive in the scene, you have to have the right equipment. As games get more and more complex, graphically stunning, and immersive, they are requiring increasingly powerful processors to keep up with the creativity and innovation of the gaming space.

That is why you have to have the right computer hardware to even be taken seriously in the scene. For those who do have the right internet speed, ping, and high performance hardware, that is only the beginning of the journey.

A Profitable Endeavor

One of the primary ways that people are profiting off of the growing eSports scene is by marketing PC and gaming hardware. It has become extremely profitable, as there is a huge and new market that has scarcely been touched or explored. You can bet that this virgin market share has entrepreneurs flocking to the scene, pouring even more money into it.

This has sparked a kind of feeding frenzy, where high performance PC’s are flying off the shelves faster than ever as the new generation will pay whatever is necessary to ensure that they have the highest performing, latest and greatest tech to give them the competitive edge in this savagely competitive scene. It will certainly be interesting to see the future of this burgeoning and bustling industry.

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