EVGA Introduces The CLC 120 C11 Liquid CPU Cooler

EVGA has just introduced their latest all-in-one, closed-loop CPU cooler, the CLC 120 CL11 (model: 400-HY-CL11-V1). This cooler features a new pump-block design that looks very different from the rounded-square pump-block that EVGA made use of on their original CLC coolers. According to EVGA it offers improved coolant flow-rate, and higher surface-area for heat dissipation, although it lacks RGB lighting.

EVGA CLC 120 C11 Liquid CPU Cooler

The other big change with this cooler is the radiator, EVGA has gone with a thicker radiator. It is 30 mm thick compared to the 27 mm thickness of the original coolers. If you could have guessed the radiator is made of aluminum, whereas the block is made of copper.

EVGA CLC 120 C11 Liquid CPU Cooler

The included fan is a 120 mm with a “Teflon nano bearing”. Maximum fan speed is 1,800 RPM (the original spins up to 2,400 RPM), and maximum airflow is 58.87 CFM (against 74.87 CFM of the original). Currently the cooler only supports Intel sockets, including LGA2066, LGA2011(v3), and LGA115x. EVGA also back its with a 5-year warranty.

EVGA CLC 120 C11 Liquid CPU Cooler

The cooler is available now and is priced at $59.99, $30 cheaper than the original CLC 120.

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