EVGA Shows Off New All-in-One Liquid Coolers

EVGA also has a portfolio of liquid-cooled graphics cards, but they will be coming out with all-in-one liquid coolers for both the CPU and GPU. These will be the Hydro QRC and Hydro QRG, the QRC is designed for CPUs, while the Hydro QRG is designed for GPUs.

The Hyrdro QRC is designed to work on all current CPU sockets. We believe the OEM design was done by Asetek who we know for Corsair and Thermaltake AiO coolers. The pump-block has a really cool design with an EVGA logo that lights up. It is actually RGB lighting so you can select the color you want in the software.


EVGA will also be offering a cooler for GPUs called the Hydro QRG. This cooler is actually already built into EVGA’s GTX Hybrid graphics cards, but EVGA will be offering the QRG as an upgrade kit so you can add it to your current GPU. It includes a pump-block that will sit on top of your GPU. EVGA had a system setup with a 4 graphics cards running with the QRG installed. They had them daisy chained together, and since they have their own pump the are kept quite cool.


One of the coolest features of these coolers is that they will have quick-disconnects. These will allow you to add parts in easily. You can even add parts in when the system is running, which we demonstrated in the video above.


EVGA will be offering these in 140, 240, and 360 mm radiator versions to start, but they also might have sort of an ecosystem setup where you can pick the size of the radiator, length of tubing, etc.


No exact word on pricing yet, but expect to see these in Q2 of this year.

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