Experience High-End Gaming without a Gaming Rig

Are you an avid gamer who has no choice but to play your favorite games on the lowest settings? If so, you’re definitely not alone. It isn’t cheap to build a gaming PC. And considering the fact that every new game strives to outperform its predecessor, your gaming rig should meet the minimum requirements to run these games smoothly. Thankfully, NVidia offers an exciting solution for gamers who don’t have the budget for a gaming PC. Earlier this year, it has introduced GeForce NOW to Windows, their promising streaming service.

If you’re keeping a close eye on graphics card prices, then you know that they have significantly increased over the last few years. Playing modern games on max settings requires spending a lot of cash. It’s understandable that many gamers aren’t willing to invest a huge chunk of their savings on a gaming rig, which is precisely why NVidia’s alternate solution offers a compelling opportunity to enjoy a more immersive experience minus the huge upfront investment.

GeForce NOW is a streaming service which you can run even on a low-end laptop. It allows you to play games on max settings by leveraging the power of the internet. Several data centers across the US and Europe work cohesively to stream these games. You don’t have to worry yourself about buying a new PC just for gaming. Save all that money for other good stuff such as cd keys, gaming peripherals, or just let them sit in your bank account.

For their demo, NVidia used GeForce NOW on the HP Stream, a $200 entry model laptop. Even on the lowest settings, this device couldn’t run this game. But the streaming service changes all that, showcasing that it’s possible to run modern games smoothly with little raw power from the machine itself. NVidia says that each customer gets a dedicated GPU, which means that the gaming experience wouldn’t be compromised even if more customers jump on board.

Another benefit to using the streaming service is that you can play all your games on the go. What’s more, you can install games from different providers including Steam and Blizzard. The beta doesn’t support an extensive list of games, but you can find some of the most popular including Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Rainbow Six Siege.

Is there any catch? Well, you’d need a solid internet connection, at least 25Mbps. Anything lower and you might experience some hiccups while playing. It’s worth noting that the demo ran with NVidia’s internet connection, which is undoubtedly faster than the normal customer. Throughout the beta phase, the company will gather feedback from customers to see how smooth the gaming experience is when using a traditional connection.

Without question, GeForce Now offers an exciting opportunity for all gamers, particularly those who can’t afford a high-end gaming PC. It’s amazing to think that you can finally play the best games on max settings without even upgrading any hardware. Perhaps the next big investment is to get a stronger internet connection so you’ll be all set for NVidia’s streaming service once it goes live.

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