Facebook Messenger Now Available as Web App

Facebook is bringing its Messenger service out the Facebook website itself and it is now a standalone app that you can access via your web browser. If you head on over to Messenger.com you will find what looks like the mobile Messenger app, but made to work for the web.

Facebook Messenger for the Web

Many people use Facebook messenger as a way to communicate with each other and the biggest issue is getting distracted. I myself will leave Facebook up and when I get a message I end up seeing something on the news feed and I’ll get distracted. Currently Facebook does not have any plans to remove the messaging feature from Facebook.com, at least for now.

Of course I’m sure you remember that Facebook did remove the messenger feature from its mobile Facebook app and wired it to work alongside its own Messenger app. This was to add more features and make the experience better. Messenger.com will include all of the features that are in the mobile app.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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