Facts You Need to Know About the Medical Cannabis Card

When you are considering having a medical cannabis card, you should know that it is legal in many, but not all states. Getting this card is highly dependent on where you live and the laws that govern your locality. If you are a patient, you need to have a condition that your resident state has listed as qualified.

Essentially, a medical marijuana card has a direct link to the state you live in. In some states, you are allowed to purchase or get home deliveries. This ensures you get a much safer product that is medically tested than what someone would get on the street. Here are a few facts to consider:

Your Local Dispensary

Even though you need to have a medical marijuana card in most states in the U.S., you have to be in possession of a letter from your doctor detailing your name, patient ID, and date. The age limit depends on the state that you are in. Most states allow you to get a medical cannabis card from as low as eighteen or twenty-one. The number of available dispensaries depends on your jurisdiction; some areas have more than others do. The law in each area has the right to regulate the number of recreational dispensaries in their jurisdictions. Find out your areas’ rules and regulations on medical marijuana before investing in this card.

Your Doctors’ Recommendation Letter

You must have a letter from your doctor in order to apply for a cannabis medical card in most states. The doctor will review your past and present medical background in order to recommend you for medical cannabis. Your current state’s medicinal cannabis program will do part of the heavy lifting for you once you receive this letter.

Medical cannabis cards are specific to each state. You shall need to have proof of residence as part of the requirements for receiving this card. This will come in the form of a valid driver’s license, work, or school ID. In some cases, you will require to provide a utility bill that shows your residence in the area for at least 90 days.

Understanding Your Card’s Legal Limits

When medical cannabis usage became legal several years ago, medical cannabis cardholders got the upper hand. In some states, you can grow up to six marijuana plants if you have this card. Depending on your local area laws on marijuana, you can grow the plants either indoors or outdoors. They must also be grown in a secure environment to discourage burgles. For this to occur you must also be above the set legal age limit. There are different legal limits on the maximum amount of cannabis you can carry. This limit is set to legally curb potential dealing of restricted medical cannabis.

Your card does not give you a lifetime guarantee of medical marijuana. Most states set the limit of two years before renewing your medical marijuana card. Whenever your card expires, you will need to get a recommendation letter from your doctor to allow an additional period of using medical marijuana.