Few Steps to Choose Hard Drive Data Recovery

Honestly, backup has been known to be very tiresome to create, maintain, and manage, so many computer users tend to neglect its importance. Yes, backups may seem very difficult to carry out without the right tools. In modern times now, there are hard drive backup software and easy process of making it less stressful and fast. Read further in this article to see and learn how to back up your computer and how to perform a hard drive data recovery if your data is lost.

Introduction to What a Backup Is

As the name implies, a backup is an extra copy of your data saved on your hard drive. It is possible to create a backup with so many available methods. Though this sound so simple from what a backup is, however, it is not as simple as it may look to you. So, it is essential to know what a backup is and what it does and what it is not.

If you want to back up data from a system or computer hard drive, it can be possibly saved on any of these platforms:

  • External storage tools such as a USB hard drive or USB flash drives.
  • Cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox and the likes.
  • Hard drive partition
  • Local drives or on a network

The 3-2-1 Backup Scope

Like it is said, “prevention is better than cure.” There are so many backup options and choices that are available. You might even be confused about finding the right one to use. The fact is that you should not just save all your eggs in one basket. An excellent backup plan is better, and this should include multiple storage locations and backup choices. We have always recommended this backup plan to people – the 3-2-1 method. If you follow this plan, you can never lose your data, and when you accidentally do, you can always get them back quickly.

  1. Develop three copies of your data. With this scope, all your data can never get lost in one click.
  2. Make use of two formats to backup the hard drive. For instance, you can use the cloud external media backup or and the local drive backup.
  3. Save one copy of the data backup to preserve against physical disasters like floods, theft, and the likes.

Have it in mind when making your data backup plan that data loss might occur. Making use of this simple logic will ensure your data is perfectly safe no matter what happens.

Steps to Choose Hard Drive Data Recovery

You will need a hard drive data recovery when you experience some of the following issues analyzed below. Follow up to see when and why you need a data recovery service. Before then, ensure you choose the best hard drive recovery service for your data losses. An excellent hard drive recovery should be able to get your data out of a broken, burnt, dead, or corrupt hard drive.

Why and When A Hard Drive Data Recovery Service is Needed

Failure to detect hard disk

This is a common issue that can be triggered by some root causes. It can be due to inadequate power supply to the disk. Check for bent or misaligned pins and broken wires because these could interrupt the flow of power supply to the disk. When a drive is roughly used and been formatted many times, it may stop showing in disk management or my computer. In this, you might need to get a new hard drive because the lifespan of the drive had been used up.

When the BIOS cannot recognize the ATA/SATA hard drive

First, check if you have done any of these actions listed below:

  • Check if you have enabled the drive into the BIOS
  • Check if you have not correctly installed the Serial ATA controller drivers
  • Check the SATA drive setting for any error

The drive may have gone bad if none of the above cases doesn’t fit it. This error needs a professional data recovery service. adThis is the only solution to bring back your data once the drive is inaccessible under BIOS.

When external hard drive not showing in disk management

Are you finding it difficult to see your external hard drive in disk management or window explorer interface? Minor glitches or cable issues could be the cause. First, try out a new cable and see if it gets resolved. It could also be caused by improper portioning on the disk, faulty USB ports, device driver and controller and so many others.

When hard drive asks to be formatted

Sometimes you might see a pop up requesting for your drive to be formatted before you can access it. This type of error shows up when the drive has faced a lot of corruption issues or damaged file system. You may try updating the drivers or reinstalling the device driver, but if the error persists, it means the drive is dead, so there is an urgent need for a professional service.

When a disk read error shows up

This kind of error may happen because of hardware/mechanical failure of the drive. Verify if the master boot record (MBR) is corrupt. If it is corrupt, then try using the FixMBR and FixBoot tool on your system. If you have done this and the error remains, it means the drive is terrible and gone. Look for a professional hard drive recovery to fix it for you so you can get access to your data.

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