5 Reasons for the Tablet Take-Over

With so many options to connect you to the internet, it can be hard to figure out which one will serve you best. The three most commonly utilized devices? Smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Each of these devices has its unique advantages. However, tablets are slowly but surely taking their place at the top of electronics.

You’re not as limited with a tablet as you are with other mobile devices, and they can do much more than many people think. The following are just a few of the reasons why tablets are taking over the electronics industry.

tablet takeover

1. Portability

Tablets are designed to be light and thin. When compared to the likes of an ultrabook or MacBook Air, the weight might not be that significant of a change. However, compared to the majority of other laptops, a tablet is lighter, thinner, and more portable by a long shot.

Plus, the majority of laptops require carrying cases so you can safely get it from point A to point B. Tablets come in a variety of sizes and can easily be slipped into your purse, backpack, or simply carried around in your hands without any noticeable added weight.

2. Functionality

There’s no way that your tablet will be as versatile as a laptop. However, it’s significantly better when compared to a smartphone. Tablets are equipped with a much larger display, giving you more real estate to get things done.

A 7-inch reading tablet is the most common size in the tablet industry, so you can easily find one that fits most of your needs. Sure, you won’t be able to play any high-powered video games on it like you can some laptops, and the virtual keyboard can be tricky for some people to use effectively. However, tablets beat smartphones in every way when it comes to being productive.

3. Less Cumbersome

A laptop can be cumbersome, especially if you travel a lot. Sometimes, you have to get work done while in an airplane or the back of an Uber. Pulling out your laptop to do so is simply a hassle. Not only do you have to dig it out of its case, but you also have to lay it on a relatively flat surface and rearrange yourself to ensure that it flips open comfortably.

When you have a tablet, you simply pull it out and get to work. You can use it in virtually any environment with little to no trouble.

4. Battery Life

When compared to laptops, the majority of tablets beat them out by a long shot when it comes to battery life. Laptops are making strides to improve the life of their batteries. However, many are still unable to make it through a full workday without needing a charge. Plugging in your laptop can present a whole other set of issues from finding an outlet to pulling out a tangled mess from your bag.

Tablets can easily last through the day. Plus, there are several wireless charging options available for tablets in need of a little extra juice.

5. Flexibility

Tablets are often compared to laptops because they’re able to perform many of the same tasks. However, the flexibility of a tablet shows how it’s truly a blend of the best parts of laptops and smartphones. It can fulfill the role of a laptop but can also take exceptional photographs, allow for video chatting, and function as an e-reader. The versatility of tablets makes them appealing to many people.


Tablets are advanced mobile devices that are suitable for many tasks. They’re comparable to laptops and smartphones but with several advantages over each. In sum, tablets are worth considering if you’re looking for a new electronic device.

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