What Are the Most Popular Online Backgammon Variants?

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games around. It is a game of both skill and luck, which is what helped it remain popular to this day. People have always tried to master it, but that is a quest that can never be completed.

One of the reasons why is that so is because there are numerous versions of backgammon out there that you can play. You can try them out but you can never master them all. For example, roulette offers much less variety than backgammon, even though it’s more popular.

However, what you can do is bring some variety to your backgammon game by trying a different type now and then.

If you still haven’t tried any, here is our recommendation of the five best types.

1.  Backgammon Live

For thousands of years, backgammon used to be played only on wooden boards, with the opponent sitting on the opposite side of you. However, with the development of technology and the Internet, it is now possible to play online backgammon.

The beauty of backgammon live and playing online is that you can play at any time of day or night and play against opponents from all around the world. You can play either with real people or with computer bots, but if you play with real people, you can chat with them and potentially make some new connections.

2.  Acey-Deucy

Acey-Deucy is one of the most popular variations of backgammon. It is usually the first one that new players learn after they learn the ropes of the original version. The reason is that there are just a few differences that you should pay attention to.

Firstly, all of the players at the table start the game with zero pieces on the board. Players must bring their pieces onto the board and then get them off to win. This is one thing that makes Acey-Deucy slightly more complicated than regular backgammon.

The most important distinction is that players get to choose the double of their choice when they roll a 1 and a 2 (acey-deucy) and then roll the dice again.

3.  Hypergammon

Many people dislike backgammon because they claim the game is too slow for them. Well, those people definitely did not try hypergammon. This is the fastest variation of this game and thus its dynamic pace.

The players begin the game with just three checkers on the board, which is why there are fewer playing options, and the gameplay is quicker too.

Hypergammon is a pretty simple backgammon variant. It’s easier to learn how to play it and win than is the case with many other online casino games.

4.  Russian Backgammon

Russian backgammon originated in Russia, judging by the name, and has some similarities with acey-deucy. Namely, players begin the game with their checkers off the board. They need to introduce them and drive them off the board to win.

One distinction which makes Russian backgammon unique is that players move their pieces in the same direction.

Another distinction makes doubles very handy in this variation. For example, if you roll a double of threes, you can play four 3’s and then play another double move by subtracting the original roll from 7. In this case, 7-3=4 so you will get to play four 4’s and then roll the dice one more time.

5.  One Point Matches

One point matches are played pretty much the same as the original version of backgammon, but there is one important distinction. The dice is not used in this game and gammons do not exist. Because of this, players usually use elaborate strategies since the back game is very important.

Since you cannot cube your opponent out in this game and all games are played to completion, games are often turned around completely, which is what makes them attractive to watch.

6.  Narde

Narde is a popular game played mostly in Eastern Europe. Some of the rules that make this game unique are that all players move in the same direction, you cannot hit in this game, and the doubles are not special. If you roll a double, you just move your checkers according to the value you got (two instead of four times).

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