FIFA 23 Going Cross-Play: What We Know So Far

Electronic Arts, according to many sources, is preparing an incredible option for the famous football franchise. If the rumours are true, layers across three leading platforms (PC, XBOX, Playstation) will have an opportunity to play together.

The possibility to connect different consoles is called “cross-play” and quite hard to implement. The full list of video games, that allows gamers to join online sessions regardless of the platforms they are playing seems huge, but there aren’t many AAA projects in it.

What is cross-play

As we already said, cross-play allows users from different platforms to play with each other. Normally, PC gamers are restricted to match with PC ones XBOX with XBOX and so on.

Sadly, these limitations constrain eSports tournaments: both opponents must play on the same console. The sections on the trusted bookmakers’ sites, provided by, are usually divided by what platform cyber athletes perform on.

The developers explain these standards with the server limitations most of the time. Cross-play allows getting around these restrictions.

How will cross-play affect the game

The most significant modes in FIFA are Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs. The implementation of cross-play might mean a lot for the players. For example, the PS5 market on FUT is the busiest across all platforms.

At FIFA 23, the markets might merge, and it will positively affect the prices of the in-game content: player cards, position changes, etc. The situation is easy to explain: more players will open the packs and find the items on-demand, so they’ll cost less as a result.

FUT and Pro Clubs modes will win from cross-play in another way. Later in the season, it would be easier to find opponents because the install base will grow, and the problem with waiting for rival team searches will hopefully go away.

Ultimate edition

FIFA usually provides players with a choice of a couple of editions:

  • The basic one does have a limited number of bonuses. Most of them are loan player cards, which expires after several matches.
  • Last year, the next-gen update for FIFA was available only with the Ultimate Edition. The upgrade is needed to play on PS5 and XBOX Series S / Series X with better graphics and higher FPS.
  • Ultimate Edition at FIFA 22 provided paid in-game currency and early access for the gamers. It also had a special promo, where the users needed to pre-order a football simulator by the deadline to get a special Hero card later in the season.

The cross-play might change some of the yearly routines, especially the next-gen upgrade. FIFA 22 on PC didn’t get the new HyperMotion technology and is comparable to PS4 and XBOX One versions. According to that, it’s hard to say if the developers will implement the new process to this year’s title, and the games will be compatible on all platforms.

Release date

FIFA is an annually released series of video games generally emerging on the market at the end of September – the first days of November. Those, who had the team in the previous one, can get access to the Web App before the release date. This way gamers start making coins, working on the market and building their squads.

Pre-order of the Ultimate Edition usually grants early access, which allows players to get into the game three to four days before the global start. EA Play membership also gives a 10-hour demo to try and experience FIFA before buying the game.