First AMD Bermuda 390X, AMD Fiji 380X and NVIDIA GM200 Titan 2 Benchmarks Leaked

A user on the Chiphell forums has posted some very interesting benchmarks. Now before we continue we would say to take this information with a grain of salt as we cannot verify it and we have seen fakes before in the past. The Chiphell user posted benchmarks of a supposed AMD Bermuda (R9 390X), AMD Fiji (R9 380X), a NVIDIA GM200 (Titan 2) and a NVIDIA GM200 cut-down version (GTX 980 Ti?). Of course these would all have to be engineering samples of the cards.

Let’s jump into the benchmarks first. The first benchmark graph shows an array of cards being testing 5 different games at 3840 x 2160 resolution at the high / max setting within each game.


We can see that the R9 295X2 outperforms all of the cards, but the newer cards do come close. The Bermuda XT (R9 390X) beats out the GM200 (Titan 2) in all of the gaming tests. You can see the performance jump is quite a lot compared to current generation cards. Keep in mind too these are engineering samples and the actual real versions of the cards will be more fine tuned and have better drivers.

The second graph shows us benchmarking results spanning 20 different games and power consumption figures running Battlefield 4 multiplayer.


From the graph we can see that the GM200 cut-down version (GTX 980 Ti?) and Fiji XT (380X) samples are very close in terms of performance and power consumption. The Fiji XT (380X) has slightly better power efficiency. Unfortunately the GM200 (Titan 2) and Bermuda XT (390X) were left out of this test.

The author of the post on Chiphell also let us know that both the Fiji and Bermuda samples are built on a 20 nm process by Global Foundries. They also stated that there are two versions of the GM200. There is a cut-down version with 21 SMM units amounting to 2688 CUDA cores and a fully unlocked “full fat” version that has an unknown number of SMMs / CUDA cores.

Given all of this information we can speculate that:
– The Bermuda XT (R9 390X) will have 4480-4736 GCN Cores and have 145% performance relative to the GTX 980.
– The GM200 (Titan 2) will have 2816-3072 CUDA Cores and have 134% performance relative to the GTX 980.
– The GM200 cut-down version (GTX 980 Ti?) will have 2688 CUDA Cores and have 123% performance relative to the GTX 980.
– The Fiji XT (R9 380X) will have 3584-3840 GCN Cores and have 117% performance relative to the GTX 980.

This will be the first of many leaks as we get closer to the release dates of these cards. Let’s just hope NVIDIA and AMD don’t keep us waiting too long!

Source: Chiphell | News Archive

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