Five Apps to Improve Your Productivity

There isn’t enough time in the day to finish all tasks. Instead of gaining an advantage at work by using modern technology, we’re struggling more to get things done. The question is – are we not working properly, or is there an outside distraction that is making this happen?

When thinking about your work, you must think about how you’re going through your working day? What are you doing during the day, and where does the time go? You’ll often notice that you’re wasting time on little things that are heavily time-consuming, and changing them can make a huge impact.

In this article, we’re sharing five apps that may be helpful in solving this. We’re sharing five ideas to implement in your working day and make changes. These apps may significantly improve your productivity and help you get on the right track. Read on and see what they are.

1. Quidlo

Whether you’re trying to increase your own productivity or the productivity of your entire company, Quidlo can help in both cases. This free time tracking app enables you to make sense of what tasks are taking you or the team the most time, create a schedule for upcoming tasks, set priorities, make reports, and much more.

Everyone working with deadlines or busy schedules should install Quidlo and let it orchestrate their working day. With it, you can never forget a meeting, miss deadlines, or work too much on something that’s not essential; a truly magnificent time-tracking software.

2. Google Docs

Losing a document is the worst thing you can do. Not too long ago, we used to write and keep documents in files. Most people probably used Microsoft Word, and often corrupt files or deleting the content before it’s finished would’ve outraged us.

If you start using Google Docs for all your notes, emails, or anything else, you let the internet keep a document of what you’re working on. Google Docs save your work instantly as you write, so you’ll never be frustrated about losing your work again.

3. Slack

Working with colleagues and always ensuring that things are going in the right direction is significantly helped by communication software. Working in a big company with many offices may take a lot of time walking from one to the other looking for the right answers.

Software like Slack is connected to every office and with every employee, and you can easily get the answers and notify others about particular issues within seconds. Slack is among the best of its kind, and with people working remotely, it has proven to be a vital part of every firm.

4. Self Control

In the ocean of app blockers, Self Control stands as the top one out there because of one simple reason – once you make the settings, it’s impossible to revert them. Be careful what you’ll insert because one wrong move and it’s goodbye phone for the time you’ve entered.

It blocks your apps, phone calls, and anything that may be distracting you. When you’re going to work and know that particular apps will take your attention with their notifications, using this one will end all worries. The only issue – it is only available for Mac.

5. Google sheets

Another wonder from Google and its tools for improving your work – is Google Sheets. What used to be Microsoft Excel for the office is now Google Sheets. It’s the same as Docs – users have instant saving and easy access.

All you need to have is a Google account, and you’re ready to use their services. All features needed for flawless economic issues are there, and users can quickly get their tasks done with the help of this fast-working free-to-use software.


Undoubtedly, you need apps to help you with your work obligations. We live in such a fast environment with so much information floating around us and distracting us that it’s impossible to ignore everything and focus on what’s important at the moment.

The apps above will help you work smarter, better, faster, and less distracted. You can install them all and ensure you will become more productive than ever. Other apps may also be valuable, but these are among the best.