Fixstars Launches the World’s Highest Density 3TB SSD

Fixstars Solutions has just announced the start of sales for their 3TB SSD the SSD-3000M and a 1TB SSD, the SSD-1000M in North America. The 3TB model is the highest capacity solid state drive that we have seen to date, but if you are like me you haven’t heard of Fixstar solutions. These new drives from them are aimed at professional content creation, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), HPC, and Datacenters.

Fixstars Launches the World's Highest Density 3TB SSD

The 3TB SSD-3000M has the world’s highest capacity for 2.5″ SATA SSD. High capacity SSDs help reduce the number of drives required in professional setups reducing operational costs such as maintenance, energy, and chassis/rack infrastructure. More importantly a more reliable workflow with minimum handling failures is of significantly valuable. These disks integrate Fixstars’ proprietary NAND controller preventing latency spikes and performance deterioration ensuring consistent high performance. Applications for which fast and stable disk writes are crucial such as 4K video recording/editing and encrypted storage for film will benefit the most from Fixstars solid state disks.

“The SSD-3000M/1000M were released in Japan last November, and have been getting great feedbacks from our customers,” said Satoshi Miki, CEO & Co-Founder of Fixstars Corporation (Tokyo), “As an innovator of storage solutions, we are focused on providing high performance and reliability SSD solutions, to accelerate our customer’s business.”

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