Four best ways to secure your bitcoins!

In ancient times, people use the barter system to get goods and services. The invention of money has changed the forms because money is in physical form and is backed by the government. Fiat currencies are considered the official system of exchange. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was introduced in 2009 by a mysterious entity named Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is decentralized in nature, which means any financial institution or government does not back it. It is created via computer code and uses cryptographic principles for the security of the bitcoin network by bitcoinaussie system.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has gained users and value over time. It runs on a computer code, and there are 21 million bitcoins that are ever created. Currently, there are 19 million bitcoins that are in circulation. Earlier, at the time of bitcoin’s invention, its value was nearly negligible, but over time, it has gained value, and in 2017 for the first time, its value reached its peak. The only thing that is of concern is that bitcoins are in physical form, and there can only be stored on cloud storage. Because it is transferred over the internet, it is crucial to keep the bitcoin safe from hackers.

Like money is stored in physical wallets, bitcoins are stored in digital wallets. Digital wallets are present in many forms. The wallet can be stored on a computer desktop, web, or mobile device. It is crucial to secure private keys. Some people often get confused about whether really digital wallets are safe or not? The answer to this question is that it completely depends on how the wallet is managed. We will learn some ways how we can protect a bitcoin wallet from hacking.


Users must keep a backup of their bitcoin wallet every time. In case there is a computer failure, you can recover your wallet and bitcoins with backup. Backup of bitcoin wallet is the only best way to recover your funds in case of any mishappening. Ensure to back up your bitcoin wallet and store it at different locations. Storing backup at a different location will help even if you lose it from one location. Also, it is suggested to use a strong password while storing the backup.


The developers keep on adding new features and provide updates to users. A user must always keep bitcoin software up to date. Using non-updated software can make it easy for hackers to target your wallet. The updated version of wallet software is always made to provide better security to users to secure their bitcoins.

Once you updated the wallet software, it will provide the best security fixes and enhanced security of the wallet. Whether you have downloaded and installed software on a computer or mobile device, you must update it to protect your bitcoins.

Offline mode

Some users might be unaware of online mode. The method of securing bitcoins in offline mode refers to cold storage. These are the wallets that operate in offline mode, and this makes them less vulnerable to hacking. Some people often consider using cold storage wallets as inconvenient. It is recommended to keep only a small amount of bitcoins in an online digital wallet and keep a large number of bitcoins in cold storage. Storing bitcoins in cold storage wallets will private keys in offline mode, and it reduces the chances of hacks or theft. Individuals use the method of storing bitcoins in cold storage, but the cryptocurrency exchanges that usually deal with a large number of bitcoins also store bitcoins in cold storage wallets. There are a plethora of cold storage wallets available like storage devices, hardware wallets, paper wallets, and sound wallets.


Make sure to encrypt your wallet as it adds a security layer to a specific message or folder. Encrypting a wallet refers to using a password for accessing the bitcoin wallet. Whether you use a hardware wallet, desktop, or mobile wallet, it is always recommended to protect your wallet by encrypting it. The password that you should set while encrypting must involve special characters, capital letters, and numbers and must be kept in a safe place.