Four Things to Consider When Selling a Used HP Laptop

So, you have an older HP laptop you’ve taken good care of, but you longer want or need it? Well, you could probably resell it, extending its lifespan while making a few extra bucks. But before you part ways with your pre-owned HP computer, there is a thing or two to take care of first.

This post will walk you through the preparation steps and suggest a few marketplaces to accommodate a cash sale.

#1 – Preparing Your Laptop for Sale

To start with, figure out the exact model number of your laptop. It will help you figure out its resale value; besides, any marketplace you pick will ask you to provide the model. HP model number can be located on the bottom laptop. If the notebook is really old, one of those that come with a removable battery, the model number should be underneath it. Another way to figure out the model is to cross-reference your Serial on the HP website.

Once you figured out your laptop model and have an estimate or a cash offer, it is time to perform the following:

Start by backing up your files with the help of the cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Or you can use an external drive to save all your files to. After that, go ahead and remove your files from the computer you are selling by performing an HP factory reset. This operation will remove any stored data and restore your system to its out-of-box state. Clean outer surfaces thoroughly. Wipe off any dust, dirt, or fingerprints residue. Next, use a glass cleaner, like Windex, to tidy up the display. This step may not seem essential, but actually, no one wants to buy a dirty laptop, even if it is a used one. Plus, stuff like dust, dirt, and stickers will impact your laptop’s reselling value.

Make sure you have the charger and all the original accessories handy to include with your laptop.

#2 – Assess Functional and Cosmetic Condition of Your Used Laptop

You must disclose detailed information about any known hardware defects or cosmetic issues, if any. Inspect your laptop carefully for wear marks, scratches, shiny keys, knicks, etc. Even minor wear can affect its reselling value.

The same goes for hardware: if you are selling your laptop because it does not function properly, make it known beforehand. Even if you are not exactly sure what’s wrong with the device, try to describe the issue to the best of your ability. And if you choose to sell to an online buy-back company, reach out to them for help evaluating your non-functional computer.

#3 – Used HP Laptop Trade-In Value

The resale price of your pre-owned HP laptop depends on the year make and model, as well as the overall cosmetic condition and functionality. Some older models may not even have a salvage value at this point but can be recycled instead.

To give you a general idea of a resale price, here are a few examples:

Pre-owned HP Omen 15 series gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 9th generation processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 graphics can get you an up to $571 cash offer*.

An HP Envy x360 15 series with AMD Ryzen 7 CPU in mint condition yields up to a $222 estimate*.

Please note that some HP laptop series and models hold better resale value over time than the others. For instance, gaming and premium computers (like the Spectre x360 series) tend to depreciate a little less rapidly than, say, the budget Pavilion series. So, if you’ve got a laptop you know you are going to upgrade, don’t put it off for too long.

#4 – Selling the Laptop Online or In-Person

When it comes to many resale possibilities and re-commerce marketplaces, we can group them into two main distinctive options:

Selling it yourself locally, via platforms like Craigslist, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace, or

Using 3rd-party buy-back services for a faster and more convenient sale.

The latter takes away the hassle of creating a seller account, posting your device for sale, waiting for the laptop to sell, dealing with returns, etc. It is a sure thing and, therefore, works perfectly for those who lead busy lives.

Reliable Online Buy-Back: Gadget Salvation

There are many online buy-back services out there, but we tested out Gadget Salvation services in the past and were pleased with the service and overall selling experience. It’s a re-commerce buy-back website that buys pre-owned electronic gadgets, like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more, for cash. Gadget Salvation has been around for over a decade and currently holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How to Sell with Gadget Salvation

To sell HP laptop through Gadget Salvation, start by visiting their home page, typing your brand and model into the search bar, and then hit Enter. Next, pick the option that matches your laptop’s configuration and proceed with the estimation. In this step, you will be assessing your laptop’s cosmetic and functional condition by using online tooltips and a drop-down menu. The system will give you an instant dollar estimate based on the information you provide. If that looks like a good deal, you can go ahead and fill out a checkout form and get your prepaid shipping label to send the HP laptop in.

All that is left to do is wrap the laptop in some bubble wrap or other protective materials to prevent damage in transit, place it in a sturdy box, and drop it off at the carrier. Don’t forget to obtain your drop-off receipt.

Then wait for the package to reach its destination, allow up to two days for the Gadget Salvation team to process and inspect your HP laptop and get your payment deposited through the payment processor of your choosing. Currently, you can pick from the following: a paper check, posted via USPS, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal. The last three options are instant, meaning that once the company issues the payment, it clears your end right the way.

Bottom Line

Selling your pre-owned HP laptop or any other gadget is an excellent way of making a few extra dollars, all while reducing your carbon footprint. First, however, it is important to prepare the device for sale by cleaning it thoroughly and erasing your information. You can sell the laptop yourself via social networks or by resorting to marketplaces, or you can pick an online company to facilitate the sale. But whichever you choose, remember to do your research and wave the pros and cons of each option.