Free Download from Youtube to mp3

Whatever you’re thinking of right now, is probably available on YouTube either in the form of a documentary or music video or a funny clip. YouTube has the world’s largest library of videos ranging from documentaries to tv shows, movies and even original content by YouTubers. There are thousands of hours of footage being uploaded to the platform giving consumers access to millions of videos right in the palm of their hand or even at their desktops.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have content downloaded straight from YouTube to your phone so that you can listen to them while in the gym or driving or even when you’re out on a jog? Wouldn’t it be great to have YouTube videos downloaded into mp3 formats so that you can listen to them while on the go? What about having to download music from YouTube or podcasts without paying a single cent?

Well, it is possible and we will show you how you can download YouTube and convert to MP3 for free. There are a lot of ways one can download music from YouTube which involves having download manager software or subscribing to you YouTube music streaming services. However, today we will show you how you can download all of your favorite content from YouTube to MP3 for free. Absolutely no hidden charges or monthly payments or anything of that sort.


Introducing Converters

Welcome to the world of converters. Converters allow users to download content straight from YouTube to MP3. While they’ve been around for a decade now, there are reasons why the hype around this cloud-based technology slowly fizzled away. Converters were used by almost everyone back in the day looking to download music from YouTube to their devices. However, over the year’s converters have become redundant for the common users.

Too many ads: Online converters have a lot of clutter on their website making it a huge turnoff for first time users. Too many ads on a single page would result in accidental opening of adverts that could possibly have malware. These issues became serious for many users and therefore the shift to other solutions was seen.

Daily limits: Some online converters were really good and did not have any ads on them. People could convert YouTube to MP3 without registering or sign ups, however, there was a catch to these sites. Such sites had daily conversion limits up to 5 videos a day. Once users would touch that mark, they had to wait 24 hours to start conversions again which became a huge hindrance for those that had a lot of tasks lined up.

Inactive management: Online converters had a huge fault with them. As the trend increased, many developers in their spare time created conversion sites to make quick money from advertisements. Once the revenue slowed down, these developers stopped focusing on their sites. This inactive management of YouTube to MP3 conversion sites led to a lot of errors and bugs making it very difficult for users to convert and download their favorite YouTube video in MP3 format.

So, is all hope last for those looking to download YouTube to MP3 for free? Well, we did promise to show you a way of doing that at the start and here is our solution to this problem.

Clickmp3 is an online YouTube to MP3 converter that converts your favorite YouTube video to MP3 format in a click of a button. It is fast, does not contain any ads and there are no hidden charges or any sort of fees associated. The website does not even have daily limits making it a great choice for users looking to download videos from YouTube to MP3 for free. It’s compatible on all devices that have access to the internet and a stable browser.

You can download your favorite YouTube video to MP3 by simply plugging in your YouTube video URL into the link bar provided. Simply press search as the website starts to find the video from YouTube’s database. Once you confirm the video, you can convert it by pressing the convert button. It will convert YouTube to MP3 all online using cloud technology and download immediately to your defaulted downloads folder. Its that simple, give it a try!