FSP Hydro PTM+ Power Supplies Debut At CES 2019

It’s always a bit funny to us to think about combining water and electricity, but FSP has done it well with their Hyrdro PTM+ power supplies. An 80 Plus Platinum rating, along with a ton of great features, makes the PTM+ power supplies an enticing product.


Designed to be added to a custom liquid cooling loop, the PTM+ power supplies feature a waterblock that was created with the help of Bitspower. And while the PTM+ models are designed to take advantage of this method of cooling, they can also be used without it, being kept cool by a 135mm fan.


The PTM+ is available in 850 watt and 1200 watt versions, and both offer eight PCI-E power connectors for compatibility with multi-GPU systems. Fully modular cabling makes cable management that much easier and tidy, while integrated RGB lighting and a controller helps sync with the rest of your build’s color scheme.


Additionally, the 1200 watt version is available in a limited edition version that adds a few extra goodies to the package. The first of which is a custom pump, radiator, and reservoir combination to go along with the power supply, ensuring you have adequate cooling for the unit. There is also a custom cabling set that features red and black sleeving, and the entire package is arranged in a custom metal box with fitted foam dividers keeping all of the internal items secure.

Expected pricing for the 850 watt PTM+ is $399, while the $1200 watt version will sell for $699. Expect availability sometime in the first quarter of 2019.