Futuremark Releases New Trailer and Screenshots of “Fire Strike” Demo

Futuremark is putting the final touches on their latest version of 3DMark. Today they released a trailer video and screenshots of the “Fire Strike” game test which was recorded at 2560 x 1440 and you can watch it at that resolution. Not only does the trailer look awesome, but this game test will really push your graphics card. The test uses tessellation, dynamic particle illumination and shadowing. Read on to check out the video and screenshots.



Fire Strike is our new showcase DirectX 11 benchmark designed for high-performance gaming PCs. It is our most ambitious and technical benchmark ever, featuring real-time graphics rendered with detail and complexity far beyond what is found in other benchmarks and games today. Fire Strike will be available only in the Windows editions of 3DMark initially. Click on a screenshot below to view it at full size.

Source: Futuremark | News Archive

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