Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 HOF Pictured

After the successful launch of GTX 780 HOF and GTX 770 HOF high end graphics cards, Galaxy plans to give final touches to its next addition of HOF series, totally based on the performance segment. It is designed for all sort of purposes and comes with a different GPU and memory chips. It’s the GTX 660 HOF.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 HOF

Putting limelight on its specifications, let us tell you here that The GALAXY GTX 660 HOF will make use of the GK106-400-A1 core, by using TSMC 28nm process, along with 2.54 billion transistors, 960 CUDA cores and a 192bit memory controller. It will support 2 GB Worth of GDDR5 memory and a 3 heat pipe design and will have a TDP of 140 W. One very impressive aspect (once you have seen the performance at least) is that the GTX 660 only requires a single 6 pin power connector which will allow the GTX 660 to find its way into more system with smaller power supplies and smaller framework.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 HOF

Talking about the clock speed, the Base Clock of the Galaxy GTX 660 HOF version will be 1058 MHZ and will have a memory (2GB/GDDR5/192Bit) frequency of 6000Mhz.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 660 HOF

According to the rumors, probably the pricing will range somewhere between $260 – $300.

Source: PCEva | News Archive

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