GameStop Ordered to Shut Down All Stores in Massachusetts

With many states shutting down all non-essential businesses because of the COVID-19 outbreak GameStop thought they were an essential business. I mean we all need our video games right? Even with the order to shut down GameStop continued to operate, so you would think they would provide their employees with protective masks and gloves. This was not the case at all, if there were no gloves, employees were instructed via e-mail to “lightly (you want to be able to get it off easily) tape a Game Stop plastic bag over your hand and arm. Do not open the door all the way — keep the glass between you and the guest’s face — just reach out your arm.” This in itself should show you what type of company GameStop is.


After many days of violating the state of Massachusetts shut down order, the inspectional services department for the City of Boston ordered the Dorchester store to close immediately. Finally last Thursday GameStop confirmed that it had closed all its stores in Massachusetts.

While it is unclear that if GameStop is still operating in other states, I was able to call a GameStop here in Pittsburgh, PA and they are still doing Curbside pickup orders.

I think that if you still want to operate you need to provide your employees with proper protection.

Via The Boston Globe

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