Gays Are Moving the World of Modern Technology Forward

Some of the most important people of the biggest IT companies are gays. We’ll take a closer look at gays at Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Gays have always been open-minded and ready to embrace new technologies. IT companies go far beyond tolerance towards gay people. They are so passionate about discrimination of any kind. Curiosity and creativity are traits most gays share, so it’s not surprising that gays singles started (massively) using dating sites before straight people. That’s just one of the examples where gays helped to move the world forward. Now they’re shaking the world of modern technology.

Tim Cook Head of Apple

Is there anybody on Earth who doesn’t know anything about Apple? Their products are the synonym for prestige, quality, and elegance. It has been like that for a long time now. Some people give all the credit to Steve Jobs, a remarkable man, but sadly passed away. Since then, Apple is growing thanks to a man who offered to give Jobs part of his liver when he was ill. Tim Cook is another remarkable man, not just because he showed he’s a wonderful human being by offering to share his liver with his friend.

There is so much more that makes Tim Cook exceptional. We’ll list some of the things below, so it’s easier to read and absorb the greatness of that man. Still, many of his achievements won’t fit here; one article can’t fully describe that proud member of the gay community.

  • Tim Cook has been part of Apple since 1998! His first job was senior vice president for worldwide operations. Since 2011 he’s been the head of Apple. And he’s doing a great job up to this day.
  • His work ethic is almost terrifying. To get where Tim Cook is, you have to be ready to work hard. Tim isn’t afraid of hard work. Examples of his dedication are meetings he used to hold every Sunday night to make sure his team knew exactly what to do the next week. And one more thing, he starts working at 4:30 A.M.
  • He was in consideration to be a vice president of the USA in 2016 by Hilary Clinton.
  • Tim Cook values his privacy, but he’s openly gay since 2014 and supports the LGBT community. He went to gay pride in San Francisco back in 2014 with a delegation of Apple staff. That was a big win for him, the LGBT community, and Apple.

Benjamin Lin, Top Manager at Google

microsoft lgbt
Another powerful man who pushes the world of modern technology forward is Benjamin Lin. He’s the Top Manager in one of the most famous companies ever – Google. The same as Tim Cook, Benjamin values his privacy. You can’t learn a lot about his personal or professional life on Google (the sweet irony). But he did share his story about being secretly gay for a long time before coming out of the closet. His victories in the business and modern technologies are helping all of us have a better experience online. But his victory against himself and the boundaries of the community inspired many struggling gays to come forward.

Benjamin’s story is so moving and sadly so common. He knew he’s gay for a long time before coming out of the closet on his 31st birthday. Although he’s extremely successful, he had to face the same problems most gays do. Benjamin couldn’t find a way to say he’s gay to his family and the rest of the world. At one point, he turned against himself and started convincing himself he’s some freak. “Hiding” his likes on Instagram is just an example of how careful he was to look straight to everybody. Benjamin’s mental health started taking damage, so he decided to come out on his 31st birthday. Sadly, such an exceptional man needed to hide who he is for so long. But now Benjamin enjoys life the same as every other gay. The only difference is, he’s one of the most important people in modern technology. His story has already helped many LGBT members, and it will continue to inspire for a long time.

Gay and Lesbian Employees Microsoft, (GLEAM)

Microfost has a whole group of Gay and Lesbian employees. It used to be GLEAM, but now it’s called Global LGBTQI+ Employee & Allies at Microsoft. The most famous LGBT community of any modern technology company is here since the 1980s. What started as a mailing list for gay employees and their allies is now an inspiring group of Microsoft employees fighting to make the world a better place. Not just for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people, but everybody. We should all want to live in a world where anybody can express themselves and be who they are.