GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor Review

Final Thoughts
When I first received this product to review I really did not think I would use it that much, but to my surprise I really do use it a lot.  To me when you add another display your productivity goes up.  It allows you to organize things better and really have full control of what you are working on.  It really is hard to go from a dual-screen setup to a small laptop screen. so the On-Lap 1301 is the perfect device for people who need a dual-screen setup wherever they go.

One thing that is great about the On-Lap 1301 is that it is incredibly easy to setup.  It is powered by USB so you do not have to bring an extra power bring or cable with you.  You can even plug the USB cable into a USB power port on a power brick if you don’t want to drain the power from your laptop.  The driver-less setup means you just plug it into your laptop and it works.  Even attaching it to the back of your laptop is easy and takes less than 5 minutes.  I like that you can setup the display on your desk as well, many people may not want to install it on their laptop.

The only thing that is really missing with this display is a travel bag.  With all displays they can easily be damaged and it would have been nice for GeChic to include a protective travel bag or sleeve with the On-Lap 1301.  Even if they did not include it with the On-Lap 1301, but made one available for purchase I would be satisfied.  Besides that I really cannot find anything wrong with this display.

Right now you can pick up the On-Lap 1301 for $199 at my favorite online retailer.  That is about the same price for all other portable displays that are the same size.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor a 9 out 10 score and our Recommended Award.

– Easy installation
– Can install on your laptop and desktop
– Powered by USB
– Can be used with products that have VGA and HDMI outputs

– No travel case / bag available

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