GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor Review

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately.  On thing that I always miss when I am traveling is my 2 large monitors from my home desktop system.  Going from them to a laptop screen is not that fun.  You can purchase laptops with pull-out screens, but they are few are far between and are quite expensive.  So what are you to do if you want a dual-screen setup on your laptop?  Get a portable display of course!  Today we are talking a look at the On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor.  It is a small, portable 13.3-inch screen that is powered by USB and can be used with any device that has an HDMI or VGA connection.  Read on as we check it out!

Special thanks to GeChic for providing the On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor to review.

– Double the desk, Twice the efficiency.
– Plug and Play
– Easy to go
– Driver Free
– Fit for horizon and vertical
– Dual-Monitor Mode
– Presentation Mode
– Upright Mode
– Spread Mode


Screen size 13.3″ TFT LCD
Resolution 1366×768
Power 5V —1.0A
Data Input D-Sub / DVI
Dimension 355x 227 x 13.8mm
Weight 865g

The On-Lap 1301 comes in a nice retail package.  On the front there is a photo of the device in action.  On the back there is an overview of the features in many different languages.

GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor

To give you a great idea of how the On-Lap 1301 comes and a brief overview check out our unboxing and overview video!

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