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An Australian national broadband network that provides open-accessing of the network with wired as well as radio communication components are designed to provide finest internet services to the customers. The NBN network had a brief history and it let the internet service providers has access and contract to the networks which then sold out to end users with fixed telephone or internet accessing. It replaces the copper cable network with national telecommunication infrastructure and is growing rapidly with the increase in internet access. If you want a high speed internet with more reliable options that can be accessed easily, then get all the information from the article.

Originally, it was proposed that the wired connection networks provide a speed of 100Mbit/s but later it got increased to around 1000 Mbit/s. NBN is considered a largest infrastructure project in the history and it was stated that MTM or multi-technology mix gets complete by 2016. However, it got changed and kept to 2020.

History of NBN:

2007- a fastest broadband network project get announced with estimated cost of around $15 billion. Orginally it delivers fibre to the node services with approximately 98% premises.

2008- The estimated cost gets raised to $43 billion and it get financed by federal government investment.

2009- It bypassed copper networking connections with combination of fixed wireless, fibre to the premises and satellite techonogies.

2010- For rollout of FTTP a request regarding tender was issued by the NBN. In july 2010, the FTTP customer services gets connected for the first time.

2011- NBN signed agreements with Telstra with a worth of $9 billion value for building financial heads beforehand.

2012- The company focused on timelines and estimated cost for implementation of the services.

2013- NBN selects multi-technology mix as provisional approach by liberal national coalition.

2014- MTM final approach gets finalized with timing and initial cost.

2015- Greenfield premises gets enabled with fixed line services and fixed wireliess as well as satellite services.

2016- The annual revenue reached $241 million with approximately 1100K users.

2017- The company temporarily suspended HFC network rollouts.

2018- NBN use FTTC technology and provide 100 Mbit/s plans.

NBN technologies:

The Multi-technology Mix comprised of wired and radio communication networks which are as follows-

FTTP- they are provided for Greenfield developments

FTTN- It is provided with speed of 25 Mbit/s with mixed technology (copper/optical technology)

HFC- it is termed as hybrid fibre-coaxial that is maintained by Testra HFC

Fixed wireless

Sky muster telecommunication satellite

What else it provides?

They provides services to the users that let them switch from one network to another and some of them are mentioned below-

  • FTTP from FTTB
  • FTTP from FTTN
  • FTTP from fixed wireless
  • FTTN from fixed wireless
  • FTTB from fixed wireless
  • FTTP from satellite
  • FTTN from satellite
  • FTTB from satellite

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