Gigabyte AB350-Gaming 3 Motherboard Review

Overclocking on B350 is a bit different than X370 as there are less options. You really can only change voltages and the CPU frequency. With that we can see still do some overclocking. For our Ryzen 7 1700 chip our overclocking wall seem to be 3.9 GHz, so we will start there. First we set the CPU Clock ratio to 39.


Now you could just run this, and you will be able to boot into Windows, but if you put load on the CPU the system will crash. You need to set the Vcore as the power delivery system on this board does not match up to what you will find on X370 boards.

With Dynamic Vcore you sort of need to guess. What you do is start adjusting it and see what Vcore you have each time you reset your system. It is a process, but it is the way you have to do it with Dynamic Vcore. In our case we want to shoot for a Vcore of 1.4V, that is pretty much the standard overclocking Vcore for Ryzen 7 parts. Adjusting the Dynamic Vcore we ended up with +0.204V, which gave us a Vcore of 1.404 under load.


So running with these settings we have a stable overclock of 3.9 GHz.

oc2 2

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