Gigabyte Introduces Aorus AC300W Lite Case

Gigabyte has just released their latest case, the AorusAC300W Lite. This is a slightly scaled down version of their AC300W case that has VR-Link. This version comes without the VR-Link connection. VR-Link is a front panel HDMI port that plugs into the VR-Link internal HDMI ports you find on many Aorus graphics cards.

This version also does without the light-up Aorus logo on the power supply cover. The rest of the case remains the same, so you still have the light up front panel with the Aorus logo. It can be controlled by the Aorus RGB fusion software.

As far as the inside design goes you have a two compartment design. The top compartment is where your motherboard and graphics cards go. You have room for graphics cards up to 400 mm in length and CPU coolers up to 170 mm in height. In the bottom compartment you will find a hard drive cage with twp 3.5-inch drive trays as well as room for your power supply. Two 2.5-inch drives can be mounted behind the motherboard tray.

As far as cooling goes you have room for three 120 mm or two 140 mm intakes, two 140 / 120 mm top-mounted fans, and a 120 mm rear exhaust. No word yet on pricing.

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