Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Gigabyte Reveals High-Resolution UEFI For Haswell Motherboards

Motherboard BIOS’s have really come a long way in the past few years with the introduction of the UEFI graphical interface BIOS. This allows for a very nice graphical user interface for your BIOS and also allows you to use both your keyboard and mouse for easy navigation. It looks like things are going to get even better with Haswell motherboards. Gigabyte has revealed their latest UEFI BIOS design and it uses a full 1080p resolution!

(Click for a larger image)

Of course the user will be able to choose the resolution that best suites their own needs. While some things are blurred out (no abide by the NDA on Haswell) we can see there is a lot going on here. On the left side you have CPU and Memory status. On the right shows system status and the top shows voltage, fan speed and temperature. It the center is where you will find all of the menu’s to make changes. It really looks like a great BIOS and I can’t wait to check it out once Haswell comes out!

Source: Facebook | News Archive

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