GIGABYTE Unveils Their Latest X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro Motherboard

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, has unveiled the new X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard. With support for the new Intel 18-Core i9 7980XE processor, the new motherboard is ready to elevate performance to the next level. Featuring an updated VRM design paired with Smart Fan 5 technology to satiate the power demands of the new 18-core processor while keeping the system icy cool, the new X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro is the definitive motherboard of choice for users who value performance first and foremost.

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“The X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard is designed to fully support Intel’s newest Core i9 7980XE processor.” said Vincent Liu, Senior Associate Vice President of GIGABYTE’s Motherboard Business Unit. “With our tried-and-true approach and seasoned experience, we have designed a motherboard that truly fulfills enthusiasts’ highest expectations.”

The X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard utilizes a server-grade digital power design with 12 power phases, each providing up to 60 amps. A digital Intersil PWM controller has been implemented within the VRM to enhance the communication efficiency between the CPU and PWM. With the inclusion of the Turbo B-Clock tuning IC, the motherboard is geared to produce the best overclocking results.

Smart Fan 5 technology provides the perfect cooling solution for a motherboard that supports so many peripherals and impressive performance capabilities. Smart Fan 5 allows users to customize fan speeds and specify temperature parameters to their liking. Users also have the ability to allocate and configure fan headers in tangent with the thermal sensors to regulate temperatures on critical areas. The Active Cooling fan initiates to lower VRM temperatures once they surpass certain thresholds, mitigating the effects of excess heat on the VRM and CPU in overclocked systems.

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RGB Fusion technology gives users the ability to illuminate the board with surround lighting to their own style. Components inside the chassis can also be lit up with support for external RGB LEDs, including Digital LED, RGBW and RGBUV. With Digital LED support, LED lights are individually addressable allowing for more patterns and effects than ever before. RGBW offers true white light and more vivid colors while RGBUV LED is the way to go for dark light effects. 5V and 12V LEDs in the form of strips, arrays or matrices can be added for additional flair.

The X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard provides gamers with the best gaming experience. It provides 3-Way SLI and CrossFire multi-graphics support which gives users the ability to increase their 3D performance through the use of multiple graphics cards and also allows for flexibility through expansion. For gaming connectivity, Killer + Intel GbE offers stable low latency network connections for users to take advantage of in-game. Featuring ESS Sabre DAC enhanced audio to offer audiophile level sound quality, the motherboard gives the user a competitive edge while gaming.

The motherboard provides outstanding storage performance with its triple PCIe x4 M.2 design protected by M.2 Thermal Guard and support for Intel Optane Memory technology, which operates as a cache drive that enhances hard drive performance to SSD levels. The motherboard is VROC ready (Virtual RAID On CPU) and enables the usage of CPU PCIe lanes for CPU RAID, further boosting storage performance. Whether it’s for quickly booting up operating systems, faster game loading, or high speed data storage, the X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard does it all.

Durability is a defining feature of GIGABYTE motherboards. Ultra Durable 10K BlackTM Solid Caps reduce excess electrostatic charge and its effect on the system. GIGABYTE patented Double Locking brackets and Ultra Durable PCIe armor reinforce the connectors to uphold heavy graphics cards. With GIGABYTE DualBIOS technology providing users with an automated BIOS recovery option, the durability of this motherboard cannot be understated.

Aside from its impressive hardware specs, the X299 AORUS Gaming 7 Pro motherboard is also bundled with powerful software including the APP Center which allows the user to manage all GIGABYTE apps in a unified interface and offers a 14 day subscription of WTFAST GPN to provide up to 60% increased network speeds. Also included is a year’s subscription of XSplit Gamecaster + Broadcaster, which allows gamers to stream awesome gameplay.

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