GIGABYTE X399 Designare Motherboard Pictured

It looks like Gigabyte has something very special in store for those who are planning on building Ryzen ThreadRipper high-end desktop systems. The first picture of Gigabyte’s flagship X399 Designare EX has been leaked by VideoCardz. The board is actually based on the same PCB as the Aorus X399 Gaming 7, which is a bit odd as the PCB is black rather than the silver / grey we’ve seen from Designare boards in the past.

GIGABYTE X399 Designare EX

Gigabyte has however swapped out the black heatsinks on the Gaming 7 for silver ones on this board. They have also removed the Aorus branding and replaced it with Designare branding. Sadly though, the board appears to be identical to the Gaming 7. Gigabyte could charge a premium over the Gaming 7 for the board.

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