Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5P Motherboard Review

Included Software & Features
The first feature that I want to point out is the actual lighting on the motherboard. As we have seen on many new motherboards the audio solution of the board is completely isolated from the rest of the components. We have seen LED’s installed to show this isolation and they are on this board as well. Gigabyte has done one better by installing a large LED bar on the PCH heatsink which lights up red as well. This will really make your motherboard stand out, especially if you have a case window.

Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5P

On top of that the included I/O shield on the motherboard lights up as well.

Gigabyte X99-Gaming 5P

Gigabyte includes an app called Ambient LED that allows you to control the LEDs on the board.


Gigabyte’s APP Center software is made up of quite a few different applications including @BIOS, Ambient LED, USB Blocker, Fast Boot, Game Controller, Smart TimeLock, Smart Recovery 2, V-Tuner, Easy Tune, and Live Update.

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The X99-Gaming 5P comes with Sound Blaster’s SBX Pro Studio software that will allow you to fully customize your audio experience.

sbx-1 sbx-2 sbx-3 sbx-4 sbx-5 sbx-6 sbx-7

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