Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Google to Announce 32GB Nexus 4 with LTE and CDMA

We expect Google to refresh their Nexus lineup with a new device by the end of the year, but in the meantime we are hearing reports that Google and LG will be launching an improved version of the Nexus 4. This new device would be announced at the Google I/O conference in May and it might go on sale a few weeks later. According to SidhTech, Google will reveal a 32GB version of the Nexus 4 that will support both LTE and CDMA.

Currently the Nexus 4 is one of the best-selling Android phones, but the 16 GB storage capacity is not enough for some users. A 32 GB version would make sense and having LTE and CMDA would make sense for carriers such as Sprint and Verizon Wireless.

Source: SidhTech | News Archive

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