Google Will Address High RAM Usage On Chrome

If you are a Google Chrome user you know it uses quite a lot of system memory. Google is well aware of this and the Chrome development team is working on lowering the web browsers RAM consumption.

Google Chrome

At a recent Reddit AMA session, a Chrome for Android engineer said: “We are actively working on reducing battery usage and we are looking into when Chrome is in the foreground and in the background. Since its inception Chrome has been focusing on security and performance of the web across all supported platforms. Performance sometimes has come at the cost of resource usage, but given the importance of the mobile platform this is one of the top things we are looking into”.

While Google has big focus on mobile, they have not forgot about desktop users either. Google added: “We are profiling Chrome to improve our start-up speed and proactively fighting memory bloat and memory leaks. For example, this year the first gesture latency and mean input latency has decreased steadily”.

Source: TweakTown | News Archive

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