GoPro Announces New VR Video App & Livestreaming Tools

It looks like GoPro is really embracing VR content. They have just announced a dedicated channel for 360-degree / virtual reality called “GoPro VR”, a new wireless streaming tool for VR called LiveVR and pricing for their Omni rig.


GoPro VR launched this week on the web and also has VR headset friendly iOS and Android apps. This platform will feature curated VR / 360-degree video content, much like its normal on-demand channel works for regular footage. The platform will first feature content from sponsored athletes and artists, but over time we should see some user-generated content once there is enough of it.

GoPro will also be showing early demos of wireless VR streaming at the NAB show this week. It appears to be a beefed up version of the HEROCast system which is used to send live footage from GoPro cameras to live TV. LiveVR will be used at part of the partnership GoPro has with MotoGP and other sporting events.

Finally pricing for the Omni rig has been revealed. This rig will include six cameras, Kolor software, smart remote, cables, memory cards, etc. It will have a sticker price of $5000.

CES GoPro Booth 2016

You might think that $5000 is expensive, but the 16-camera Odyssey rig costs $15,000! At least GoPro is making an effort to make creating VR content easy, and somewhat affordable.

Source: Engadget | News Archive

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