Great Mac Programs to Try in 2018

So, if you have recently got a new Mac and you are looking out to make the best use of the robust application environment, then we have got it covered! There are thousands of great Mac programs out there that you can find in the App store but we have shortly listed some of the best ones for you to try.


You can think of Alfred as a spotlight with a bit of Siri. This is basically an application launcher but it can perform many more things such as perform calculations quickly, find word definitions, implement web searches and many more functions.

Mostly, this app fills the gap between Siri and your Spotlight search by helping you to automate tasks and also execute advanced functions that Siri should be easily, be able to handle without any voice input.

MacFly Pro

After installing and using many apps you will require Mac cleaning software that will help you to reclaim all the free storage space and that will get your Mac to perform up to its potential. For this purpose, will help you to maintain your Mac and save hours of manual storage cleaning.

Bartender 3

This software is specifically designed with organization in mind, as it will let you to systemize the various aspects of your interface. You will also be able to choose, which apps you want to keep in the menu bar and also rearrange their positions according to your preference. Additionally, you can also search for particular items; shift them in the optional Bartender bar in case you are in drastic need for some additional space.


This app keeps your computer from going off into sleep mode, performing its auto dim function or starting a screen saver. This app is pretty much ideal for reading extensive documents or any kind of other activity where you would not like to touch the mouse or keyboard for an extensive period of time.

Dropzone 3

In this app, the bare bones application works as a shortcut tool and you can use it quickly to move and copy files, share content through popular networking services like Facebook and launch applications. You can also upload files using FTP and Amazon S3 or you could also shorten the URLs if you want, using the newly added shortener. You get all this housed, contained by a tiny icon that sits in the menu bar.


This is a tiny app that makes the colors of your display adjust to the outside light. Suppose you stare at a bright computer screen in the late evening, all the blue light from the screen can screw up with the melatonin level inside your brain and which in turn will make it very hard for you to fall asleep. F.lux will help you to fix this problem.

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