Griffin Technology Expands Line of Power Solutions for iPad

Nashville, TN — May 18, 2010 — Griffin Technology Inc., maker of ingenious ways to power, play, protect and connect, today announced their latest car charging solutions, updated to the 2.1 amp charging level required by iPad: PowerJolt Plus, PowerJolt Micro and PowerJolt SE. This announcement expands upon Griffin’s industry-leading core charging lineup.

“A versatile device such as iPad provides a variety of design opportunities,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “We are excited to present iPad users with a wider range of charging options, ensuring a perfect fit, no matter the use.”

Griffin’s new car charging products for iPad include:

PowerJolt Plus for iPad
The 12 volt accessory socket in your car is useful for so many things. Have you ever wished you could plug other things into it while it’s busy charging your iPad, iPhone or iPod? Your wish is granted.

Plug PowerJolt Plus into your 12 volt socket and connect its coiled dock cable to your iPad. PowerJolt Plus’ 2.1 amp charger provides the fastest possible charge for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. While it’s charging, PowerJolt Plus pops open to reveal another 12-volt accessory socket, built right in. Charge and power your GPS, mobile phone and more; you won’t have to unplug PowerJolt to regain the use of the socket.

PowerJolt Micro for iPad
Charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod on the go. PowerJolt Micro’s DC charger delivers 2.1 amps of power for fastest possible charging. Charge from almost any vehicle’s 12 volt accessory socket with this low-profile, micro form-factor PowerJolt. The detachable dock cable can be used separately to charge and sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod. You can use it with other devices, too; use the cable that comes with your device and plug it in PowerJolt’s USB port.

PowerJolt SE for iPad
Plug PowerJolt SE into the 12 volt accessory socket in your car’s dashboard or console and charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod while you travel. An LED ring lights up to show that PowerJolt is receiving power and is ready to charge. 2.1 amp output level means fastest possible charging for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Built-in circuit protection keeps power at safe levels.

Today, Griffin also announced general availability of its PowerDuo for iPad, a combination pack containing 2.1 amp charging versions of both PowerBlock and PowerJolt for iPad. No matter the use, Griffin has a charging solution for every iPad owner.

Pricing and Availability
All of Griffin’s chargers for iPad are now available at major retailers nationwide, and online at

About Griffin Technology
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