GTA Vice City Online Web Domain Renewed by Take-Two

Despite several cities and time periods featured in The Grand Theft Auto franchise, GTA Vice City-based in Miami has been unforgettable. The good news is that it could be back again! The update of web domains and by Take-Two Interactive was discovered by a Reddit user.

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Although companies keep updating their domain because they might need them in the near future, this was not the case with as its renewal indicates that something is brewing up. The rumors suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 may revert to GTA Vice City with an online mode. The updates may even pave a path towards new content for GTA Online as Rockstar has to fulfill its promise of the biggest update yet. The update will be released in the upcoming holiday season. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this renewal of domains has no worth.

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Although, we don’t yet know for sure if and when GTA 6 will be released and whether it will even take place in Vice City. Many insiders have reported the game to be in “early development” or “halfway done”. It will take a few years to release GTA 6. RockStar is also working for a separate GTA Online version along with a next-gen console version of GTA V.

Anther Reddit user said that according to “My rendition spans four hypothetical states,” they wrote. “Pensa (Florida), Lemoyne (Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama) Del Castro (Cuba, not an American state but a sovereign country, although free passage is allowed) Amañevo (Panamá, Columbia, and Northern Brazil…)”. So it seems GTA 6 might be set in a few U.S. States along with a handful of Caribbean and South American locations.

Will you be interested in a potential return to GTA Vice City? Well, in the meantime we have GTA 5 to enjoy and in a recent online update it was announced this month that some much needed boosts were provided for SuperYacht owners with Rockstar now looking to offer a new wave of deals and discounts.

GTA Online players who connected their Prime Gaming accounts to the Social Club can be expected to earn the latest weekly GTA$200,000 bonus this week.