Guide to outsourcing game art studio

There always comes a choice on what strategy to apply to the video game development process. Should you hire in-house game developers and game art designers? Or should you search for a game art outsourcing company? Building a game is not an easy task. Naturally, we want the best qualified and creative team to work on the technical development and visual aspects of the project. If you are still a nub to the video game industry, you can use this guide to find out where to start and who to trust with bringing your fantasy to life.

Benefits of in-house game art production

There is some food for thought on should you compose the designer team on your own or outsource a production company. The main advantage of having in-house game artists would be their total devotion to the project. There would be no need for you to stress about the deadlines, as you know they’ll go the extra mile. It’s usually a common strategy for start-ups or small businesses. Having in-team different specialists creates an enormous spirit for great success.

As a boss, you would feel more comfortable having face-to-face meetings with artists in your office. Outsourcing game art studios are working worldwide, so the feedback meetings would probably, be on Zoom. However, that is something that we all got used to during the pandemic years.

Advantages of outsourcing a game art studio for your project

Partnering up with an external party is a stress-free solution for any development projects in the video game industry. Game art outsourcing eases the corporate arrangements for the employees. No need for social packages, micro-managing, or extra workplace maintenance expenses.

Media production studios have access to the worldwide talent pool. They have already scouted the most creative, skilled, and innovative game artists out there that match the company’s aesthetics and vision. Working with a game art outsourcing company will guarantee you a professional and top-level quality service.

Tips for successful game art production outsourcing

The growing digital art market gifts us with skilled and out-of-this-world creative talents.  Choosing a game art agency for partnership is a complex mission, and here are some tips on how to benefit the most from it:

  1. Choosing a reliable company

Partnering up with a game art studio would give you access to all kinds of specialists that can work on your project, perfecting all details. When choosing an agency, pay attention to their portfolio, testimonials, and list of technology they use. That will show you what kind of projects the company usually works on and what complexity level they can pull off. Make sure you can put your trust in that specific artist’s team for a successful collaboration.

  1. Check the artist’s qualifications.

Sometimes the portfolio isn’t enough to paint a whole picture of how professional and competent the artist team is. You can ensure the company is fully qualified to meet your specific needs and requirements by implying the task tests. Usually, The game art studios can be easily recognized by their aesthetic and style. Making sure that the style matches your vision and that artists are flexible in their creativity would be an immense benefit in the future.

  1. Protect the art

A professional game art studio knows your project should remain confidential. To avoid the company sharing sensitive information, including confidentiality conditions in the contract before starting the partnership.

  1. Be specific in your feedback.

Avoid giving blurry comments. Confusion is frustrating for both sides. By providing detailed feedback during the designing stage, you can speed up the process and increases the chances of you getting disappointed by the results. Also, make sure you don’t hold back any critics you have at any stage of development. Some remarks might take way longer to fix due to the specific software.

  1. Don’t forget that communication is the key.

The work process would be flawless with great communicative skills from the client and project manager. During the selection stage, the agency makes sure you click with the representative. Transparency and organization skills – are something to look for better cooperation. Keep in mind that some of the companies could be in a completely different time zone, so the setting of meetings could be complicated. Therefore, if one of the parties is not ready to be flexible, it’s better to find another option.

What outsourcing company can do for you

A quick run down of what the game artists are capable of with the current technology:

  • 2D Art. Wildly used technology for simpler projects still needs to be trendy. A professional media production studio can create eye candy from a simple 2D game to make you stand out on the market.
  • 3D Art. Relying on top-notch technology, 3D art allows artists to teleport gamers to a whole new world with no limitations.
  • Concept art. Imaginative concept art creates an elaborate digital illusion of any universe or dimension, helping set the mood for the game.
  • Adding realistic visual effects for an eye-catching and immersive experience.
  • Character stylization. Trust the agency to develop the character set for you. Following the trends and your vision, they can create dazzling characters from cartoon-like animals to realistic zombies.
  • Styling characters or environments with custom-made textures for a mesmerizing effect.
  • Environmental art. Including maps and navigation for your players that will be lined up with the game concept. Adding quirky little details and easter eggs will make the game feel unique.

The final say

Game art is a fascinating journey. Building up a new universe, creating characters, and choosing the color schemes and branding is an exciting experience. Depending on your working style and strategy, you’re free to choose an in-house team or outsource a game art agency. However, by using the tips on how to select the most trustworthy game art outsourcing company, you can ensure to reach success with your new creations. Working in partnership with the brightest brains of the video game industry will give you insides and inspiration to elevate your new game project with each little step and detail. Make your first jump into the digital art world with