Habits that Could Lead to Early Death of Your Computer

Buying a personal computer is not cheap most especially when you opt for those with higher and more advanced specs. So is it too hard to get paid software? The price is nothing compared to the price you just spent for the computer. And it will be a lot more expensive when your beloved computer gets broken because you installed free or pirated copies of software.

In this article we will discuss some habits that could lead to the early demise of your computer. Best you learn this early so you can stop doing it and hopefully keep your computer or laptop in the best and secured condition possible.

Bad Habit 1: Installing pirated software especially anti-virus

Some people are so stingy when it comes to paying for software especially antivirus. They spend hours and hours looking for crack version or downloading from pirated sites. Well, guess what? This could damage your computer especially when the software you have downloaded has virus. So do not take chances on pirated versions instead go for the paid version that is sure to protect your computer from virus attack.

Bad Habit 2: Not updating your antivirus or anti-malware software

Another habit that many people are guilty of is not updating the antivirus software. You get the prompt all the time but you keep on ignoring it. Well, it’s time that you notice it and make sure to keep your software especially antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spyware software up to date. These updated versions ensure that the software will be able to block latest threat.

Bad Habit 3: Assigning simple passwords

It is indeed difficult to remember complicated passwords but that’s actually the exact reason why you should make it complicated – to keep hackers and unauthorised person from using your computer. Do not make your password as simple as 123456 or your birthday. This way, people will not be able to open and use it without your permission. To remember your complicated password, you should write it down on your notebook or email it to yourself.

Bad Habit 4: Giving out your personal details on unsecured websites  

Do you love to shop online? Make sure that the website is secured before you give away any personal details especially your credit card details. One factor to check is if the site is using https and it will do you best to also read the site’s Terms and Conditions.

Bad Habit 5: Downloading pirated or unsecured files

Do you have the habit of downloading from illegal sites? This is very dangerous not to mention, illegal. Most of the sites can contain malware or virus that can affect your computer. Make sure to download from reliable websites or buy paid versions of the software that you wish to use.

Bad Habit 6: Opening suspicious links from email or websites

Lastly, do not open suspicious links from email from undisclosed sender saying that you win millions from a raffle most especially if you actually didn’t join any raffle. This might contain virus that will affect your computer or copy your files.

Are you guilty of one, two or more habits that we have just discussed here? It is time to change it for the best. If you’re looking for great deals, you can start by buying Microsoft Office 365 online from Harvey Norman. It is important to exert some effort to ensure that your computer is secured from hackers, from viruses and from overall bad habits that can damage it.

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