Handy With Computers: Take a Career Test and See What Job Fits You the Best

Anyone who is analytical, good at problem-solving, and can pay attention to detail may enjoy a career in computer science. It is a competitive sector with a career outlook that ranges from average to much higher-paying jobs over the next few years. If you feel you are one of those analytical people, take the career aptitude test.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and information systems managers manage organizations in computer activities. They put in place the technology that can help these entities achieve their goals. While some companies hire job applicants with a bachelor’s degree, others favor those with an MBA. The average annual earnings of computer and information systems managers in 2013 were $123,950.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers are expected to take part in researching, designing, developing, testing, and monitoring computer chips, circuit boards, and computer systems manufacturing and installation. These computer hardware engineers also work with the peripherals of computers. It is necessary to acquire a bachelor’s degree to work as a computer hardware engineer. Also, one must have a license to work directly. In 2013, computer hardware engineers received $104,250 average annual salary.

Computer Programmer

Computers would be plastic pieces without computer programmers developing the programs that allow them to operate their tasks. To work as a computer programmer, one has to acquire a bachelor’s degree, usually in computer science. In 2013, computer programmers earned $76,140 average annual salary.

Computer Support Specialists

Specialists in computer support help customers or staff of companies fix computer-related issues. Computer users may have difficulties with software programs, operating systems, computers, or peripherals, that’s where computer support specialists are needed. While some employers will only hire computer support professionals with a computer science bachelor’s degree, the level of education required in this area varies. The computer supports specialists earned an average annual salary of $46,620 in 2013 (average wage of $22.41 an hour).

Web Developer

Web developers are accountable for the operation of sites. They address the technical aspects of the websites. While expertise and diplomas may be enough to get someone a job as a web developer, many employers prefer to hire job candidates in a computer-related field who have earned a bachelor’s degree. Web developers in 2013 received a $63,160 average annual salary.


Webmasters manage websites and tend to perform tasks such as development, user data analysis, and user engagement responses. One needs at least an associate degree or certificate for most jobs in this field, but more advanced positions require a bachelor’s degree in a major related to computers. In 2013, Webmasters earned an average annual salary of $82,340.

These jobs can be great if you are a computer enthusiast. However, you must refer to career counseling to take the jobpersonality test to see which one of these suits you the best.

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